PROSAF provides process safety engineering solutions

PROSAF’s goal is to prevent unplanned or catastrophic incidents or emissions in the chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical and metallurgical industries.

These incidents can result in personnel or property damage and/or harmful emissions. Examples include the toxic releases in Bhopal, India (1984), Seveso, Italy (1976), the massive explosions in Flixborough, England (1974), Pasadena, Texas (1989), BP Texas City (2005) and the Deepwater Horizon event in 2010. The number, size, and effects of such incidents have resulted in increasingly stringent regulatory and industry standards.

PROSAF has a proven track record, working in this industry since 1991, and extensive experience conducting services in all aspects of the safety triangle (OPP, PHA, and SIS).

Overpressure Protection (OPP)

PROSAF can provide ERS (Emergency Relief System) Design services including reactive design using DIERs technology; ERS Consulting, Training, Mentoring, Reviews and QA/QC.

Process Hazard Analysis

We are able to provide process hazard analysis services including HAZOP, PHA, PHA Training and What-if Checklists.

Safety Instrumented Systems

PROSAF can provide training regarding safety instrumented systems and design reviews.

Safety Triangle

PROSAF can provide assistance and consulting for all 3 sides of the process safety triangle. We can assist with all PSM elements and provide a hands-on perspective. Let us help to implement or improve your existing PSM processes.

Hands On Experience

PROSAF staff and associates have significant experience at the plant operation level as plant engineers. This experience gives PROSAF a unique perspective on how operations are executed. This perspective is very valuable when conducting scenario analysis during relief system design.

Additional Services and Qualifications

In addition to PSM services, PROSAF can provide process simulations, material balance development, equipment design and specifications, and technical report writing. PROSAF also has multilingual capability, an AiCHE fellow on staff, and holds professional engineering licenses in several states where work is conducted.

PROSAF is a certified Woman Owned Small Business